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Hose Pipe Ban – We are Exempt!

Millions of people will be affected by the first hosepipe ban of the summer in England. United Utilities (UU) said a temporary ban affecting seven million people in the north-west of England from 5 August would "safeguard essential supplies". It said reservoir levels were already low and hot weather was forecast for the rest of…
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Brick Cleaning

Another part of our pressure washing business involves brick cleaning, whether it be old brick or new build houses to give it the final finish before sale. Cleaning brick can be problematic and cause damage to a home if you are ┬ánot trained. The usual reason for cleaning brick is to remove mortar stains or…
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Reverse Graffiti

One of our favourite services that we offer is verse graffiti, also known as a clean advertisement campaign. Reverse graffiti is a form of guerrilla marketing and it being utilised more and more each year. Currently it is still a legal form of marketing within the UK, and really makes people notice as it is…
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Pressure Washing

We offer a completely professional pressure washing service around the UK. We are able to jet wash a wide range of surfaces and substrates, from concrete, paving slabs, block paving, tarmac, cladding, soft play, render and much more. We asses every job and decide the best and safest way to clean the surface, our range…
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