Graffiti & chewing gum removal in Greater Manchester

Surface protection systems to minimise repeat tagging

Graffiti removals

Our vehicles are fully equipped to remove graffiti at short notice – using van mounted pressure washers that produce instantaneous hot water at high pressure we can deal with most vandalism. We carry our own water and run our machines on diesel, so we can work almost anywhere. Additionally we carry high-vis clothing and signage to divert pedestrians and traffic around our work area and ensure our staff are safe when working in all environments and at different times of day.

We carry out three main processes before we begin:

  • Identify the substance used for the graffiti and the substrate it is on
  • Decide on a plan of action to remove
  • Protect the surface after cleaning with a protective coat

Most graffiti is carried out with spray paint, but some is carried out with paints, markers, pens, adhesive etc. so it is nearly always essential to use chemical action to soften the graffiti, this also protects some substrates from high pressure and heat, where it can cause damage. We can supply and use environmentally friendly removers where necessary, such as wipes, or for indoor graffiti, but the majority of cleaners are solvent based so please ask if you are concerned about the use of these.

A new clean surface is often an attraction for graffiti artists so in most cases it is essential that a protective coating is applied. There are two types of protection:

  • Sacrificial (This is removed by the cleaning process and must be re-applied)
  • Non-sacrificial (Permanent protection that is not removed by the cleaning process)

Reverse Graffiti Campaigns

Also known as clean advertising, a fantastic unique idea to market your business or products away from your premises. Each individual advert is created using clean water only and therefore is a very eco-friendly way of advertising. Whether it be to promote your business, a new venture or campaign or even an event, these adverts stand out from the average poster or bill board we see everyday!

We simply clean your advert on to a dirty footpath and it stands out like a sore thumb and people can’t help but look. We can design and arrange for manufacture of your stencil and then store these for future use.

Nationwide coverage now available. Call us today on 0800 1223 174 or 07763 713 246 to find out more.

Reverse graffiti/Clean Ads
Reverse graffiti advertising campaigns

Reverse Graffiti FAQ

What is reverse graffiti?

Also know as clean ads, it is creating a clean advertisement using a stencil on a dirt walkway usually in a high pedestrian area.

How long do the adverts last?

In general between 2-6 weeks, it depends on the season and the area it is done. We target high pedestrian areas where your ad is seen by 1000’s of people therefore will get dirty again quicker than on a back street where it may be seen by only a few people.

Can you provide the stencils and artwork?

We can provide both and store them for you, or you can provide either. The minimum size ideally is 700mmx700mm and largest size can be anything within reason, bearing in mind this is going on a walkway.

How many adverts can I have?

This depends on the area you want to cover, but we suggest a minimum of ten and in theory the sky is the limit.

What areas do you cover?

We offer nationwide coverage, although some towns and cities are less suited due to the type of paving the area is predominantly made up of.

Can they be removed?

Adverts weather within 2-6 weeks and therefore isn’t permanent. We only use water to create the ads and nothing permanent. If you are asked to remove the ads we can do this at a reduced charge, although this never happens.

Do we need permission?

Essentially we are cleaning dirty pavement and they return to a dirty condition in weeks, therefore it isn’t illegal, only on private property is permission needed by the owner. It is classed as guerilla advertising therefore we do not ask permission, if you are concerned however we can ask on your behalf but it is usually not agreed by the council as it highlights how dirty there paving is.

Chewing Gum Removal Service

To compliment our graffiti removal service we offer a complete exterior chewing gum removal service for paved or tarmac walkways and paths outside schools, shop/bar/pub fronts, and high pedestrian areas. Chewing gum can become very unsightly in such a short amount of time potentially promoting the wrong image for your business or place of work.

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Chewing gum removal for high streets, schools, pubs/clubs and offices.

Did you know?

  • Chewing gum can take 5 years to fully biodegrade
  • It is an offence to discard chewing gum and is classed as litter
  • It is a major problem and due to clean up costs has even been banned in some countries
  • Absolute Clean can remove chewing gum very quickly so call now!

We can quickly removal large clusters of discarded chewing gum that can become very unsightly, this is carried out via our high pressure jet washing systems using steam which quickly disintegrates and removes chewing gum. We use no chemicals and offer a 24/7 service to work around your business needs.