High Level Gutter Unblocking And Cleaning

We service and maintain blocked gutters for commercial & residential clients

Blocked and over-flowing gutters aren’t just unsightly, they can allow water to run down the walls and leak into your building which can cause untold damage!

Water ingress from blocked gutters causes millions of pounds worth of damage to UK homes and businesses every year.  This has a big financial impact and causes major disruption as builders are called in to undertake repairs.  Long term damp issues can even be the cause of major structural issues.

Why take the risk?  Absolute Clean can empty, unblock and clean your gutters to make sure rain water is flowing away freely, and then we can schedule regular surveys to catch any issues early before they can cause damage.  We recommend surveys twice a year for most properties but more often in areas with lots of trees.

unblocking commercial gutters

Because we’re IPAF qualified to operate cherry pickers, we can reach even the highest commercial guttering safely.  We can provide camera surveys of newly cleaned gutters for your records and for your insurance company if required.  Call us today on 0800 1223 174 to find out more!

We carry out all our gutter cleaning from the safety of the ground, using high reach gutter cleaning vacuum and carbon fibre poles.

Additionally, we inspect and survey using a high reach camera system that allows us to view your gutters on a tablet or computer before and after cleaning.  Safety, whilst working on your premises and for our staff, is our number one priority.  This enables us:

  • To work with minimum disruption to your home or office
  • To work with no risk
  • To work in most weather conditions
  • To prevent damage to your building or garden from the use of a ladder system