Leather Cleaning

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Professional Leather cleaning

Absolute Clean can clean, nourish and protect leather upholstery, returning it to it’s former glory!

Our three-step process includes:

  • Cleaning (we deep clean the leather removing dirt and stains)
  • Condition (this adds moisture to enhance the look and feel of the leather)
  • Protect (this provides protection against further dirt ingress and spots and stains)

We strongly advise protecting leather.  It will make future cleaning easier, for both you and a professional, and will protect against UV rays which causes sun fading.

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Leather Furniture Restoration In The Greater Manchester Area

As with all soft furnishings, leather furniture¬†can degrade over time through extended use. General dirt, body oils, clothing dye, and drinks and spills can degrade leather’s protective coating.

Over many years, we have come to learn that manufacturers provide very poor information for consumers on how to maintain and protect their leather upholstery. Not only can we restore and clean your leather upholstery but we WILL provide you with details on how to maintain it’s appearance for many years to come.