Expert Plant, HGV, and Vehicle Valeting in Greater Manchester

Absolute Clean has vans equipped to offer a completely mobile vehicle valeting service, combined with our commercial hot pressure washers, on-board water tanks, high powered vacuums, carpet cleaners, and generators to give us power, we can operate anywhere without fuss.

Combine all this with using the industry leading vehicle detailing cleaning solutions such as Auto Glym, Concept, Auto Smart, and Bonneymans and you can be rest assured the finish we achieve is unbeatable.

For over ten years we have offered one off valets, regular maintenance valets, and regular cleaning to industrial HGV vehicles such as tractor units and trailers.

Truck Washing or Cleaning

We hold regular contracts with companies all over Greater Manchester, visiting them weekly, fortnightly or monthly to carry out valeting.

Additionally we have cleaned vehicles for some of Manchester’s largest haulage companies and currently clean and maintain vehicles for Carpenters Ltd in Glossop on a weekly basis, Vitafoam on a weekly basis, and Bowland Foods Ltd on a fortnightly basis.
The service we offer here is hot washing to both trailers and tractor units maintaining their residual value and creating a great impression for their company. Added to this we also prepare their units for MOT by removing grease and grime from the chassis in preparation for the forthcoming MOT.

Please get in touch if you require a ‘demo’ and or you wish to discuss car valeting costs Car Valeting Price List

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