Render Cleaning

Here at Absolute Clean we have become experts in Render Cleaning and Restoration.

We can transform tired/dull looking render back to its original appearance without the need for re painting the surface which can cause damage and prove even more difficult to maintain in the future.

Render surfaces can suffer from organic and pollutant staining over time, the majority is caused by algae, moss and industrial/traffic pollution leaving them looking very tired and considerably lowering the visual appearance of your home or business. We have specialist cleaning machines and solutions that will not only clean the surface back to new but not damage the render itself, which can be done very easily by someone with no experience.

Our three-step process includes:

  • Treating the surface with an appropriate cleaning solution or biocide prior to cleaning. This will kill and loosen organic material and start breaking down pollutants. We do this via a process called soft washing, as the name suggests it involves no high pressure and is incredibly safe for render cleaning.
  • We then clean the render using low-pressure steam, again preventing damage to the surface but removing all visible staining.
  • Finally we apply biocide once again to prevent spores growing and prolonging the life of your clean render.
wall washing1

You are left with a render that is clean and visually like new. Additionally staining such as rust etc can also be treated and removed if necessary.

Why do we Soft Wash?

Soft washing is a technique adopted in the UK from the USA. As the name suggests it’s the cleaning of a surface without the need for high-pressure water, surfaces such as wood, UPVC, Render or roofs are typically soft washed. Although it can be used to clean brick and concrete if needed.
We choose the process necessary to prevent damage to the substrate and to the client’s specific needs.

krender cleaning

Cleaning Specialist Coloured Render

We can also successfully clean render without the need to steam the surface, by simply applying a biocide approved by K-Rend (the biggest render manufacturer in the country) that will work over a period of four months. Therefore it will not provide instant results but will completely negate the need to steam clean the surface. This is the most eco-friendly efficient way to clean render.

Ideally render should be cleaned every 12-24 months depending on location and atmospheric conditions. This will provide longevity for the render and maintain its good visual appearance for you home or business.