Specialist Rug Cleaning From Absolute Clean

Carpet and upholstery cleaning makes up a high percentage of our work, as it is the service we initially offered when Absolute Clean was founded.

We take great pride in being trained in what we do and not just another ‘splash and dash’ carpet cleaner.

It is believed by many that carpet cleaning doesn’t require training as there is nothing that can go wrong! I see carpet cleaners everyday advertising carpet cleans from £10 per room. If you invest in the correct training, the correct cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions then you cannot carry out a clean for £10 per room!

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Specialist Rug Cleaning In Greater Manchester.

We provide a specialist rug cleaning service that includes home collection and delivery. We can collect the rug at a time to suit you where it is then taken on to our rug-cleaning unit. The unit is equipped with flood cleaning apparatus, turbo driers, dehumidifiers, and rug racks where we can clean and dry your rug a lot quicker than in your own home. We then return the rug securely packaged at a time to suit you and often within 24 hours.
As with all soft furnishing cleaning we offer a range of cleaning options:

  • Clean and Protect
  • Spot and Stain Removal
  • Dust Mite Protection
  • Anti-Allergen Protection

Rugs can be a very high value item and often hold sentimental value.  We are fully insured to transport and secure rugs for our clients.  Additionally, we are fully trained in cleaning a vast array of rugs to include:

  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Oriental
  • Chinese Silk
  • Baluch Prayer Rugs
  • French Aubussons
  • Tibetan
  • Wool
  • Egyptian
  • Silk

Why choose Absolute Clean:

  • Fully insured for the item we are working on
  • Fast drying times
  • Timed appointments
  • A fully trained technician
  • Fantastic aftercare
  • No re-soiling because we leave carpets as dry as possible and at the correct pH
  • The most advanced carpet cleaner and tooling available
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We offer 24 hour call out for flood, fire, or insurance cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning process involves:

  • A free no obligation quote
  • We move any furniture from the room that is being cleaned
  • High filtration vacuum to remove dried and loose soils
  • Pre-spot carpet stains to increase the likelihood of removal
  • The rest of the carpet is treated with pre-spray to begin breaking down the dirt and bacteria
  • Machine powered agitation of the carpet to help break up the dirt in preparation for removal
  • Powerful hot water extraction of soils and cleaning solution leaving no cleaning residues in the carpet (we rinse with water only therefore leaving behind zero solution residues)
  • Carpet is groomed to re-align the pile and for that new look
  • Application of stain guard (optional), this prevents any future spills from soaking into the carpet
  • Carpet is turbo dried leaving it dry in hours and NOT days
  • Furniture placed back in the room with foil protectors to prevent colour bleed or marks

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