Absolute Clean offer a 24/7 service for spot & stain removal on all soft furnishing.

We provide FREE advice should you have an accident in your home – call us any time and we will offer advice on the best way to treat a stain or spill with no obligation!

Many home-owners often reach for the Vanish or 1001 DIY treatment but this can be a costly mistake.  We have dedicated spot and stain solutions to treat a wide variety of stains such as blood, coffee, ink, tar, tea, food, and dyes.

By using a DIY product, as mentioned above, you run the risk of changing the chemical properties of what was there before.   A coffee stain then becomes something else and therefore renders our coffee stain remover useless.  These treatments can and often will make a stain permanent!

The best advice we can offer is to treat the spill with cold water, only to clear the bulk of the stain and then call us for FREE advice on how best to treat the stain.

carpet stain removal
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Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

  • Do not rub the stain
  • Work from the outside inwards to prevent spread
  • Only use cold or tepid water

Additionally, we offer our own branded spotters for £8.95.  I guarantee that these will beat any DIY product.  A leading carpet cleaning chemical company in the UK manufactures the spotters and re-brands with our label.
They are not harmful, are completely safe to use on most fabrics and will not affect the stains chemical composition of the stain.
We offer a complete money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied!