Absolute Clean offers a window cleaning service in the Greater Manchester area.

The water fed pole cleaning system is now widely used around the world, eliminating any risk associated with using ladders.  We can clean windows up to 60ft high from the ground and we can now access windows previously unobtainable by conventional window cleaning from ladders.

The cleaning system relies on the use of pure water created by our reverse osmosis five-stage filtration system.  This system removes impurities from the water, such as calcium and chlorine, to leave pure water that offers a far greater cleaning power than ‘normal’ tap water.

Our vans are equipped with high reach water fed poles, enough hose to work round the perimeter of all buildings and a water tank filled with pure water.

water fed pole window cleaning

The main benefits of the water fed pole window cleaning method include:

  • No ladders means increased safety
  • Reduces the need for cherry pickers and associated costs
  • Chemical free (no detergents left on the window to leave a sticky residue)
  • Often quicker and more cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No damage to window ledges or flower beds from the use of ladders
  • Access to previously ‘uncleanable’ windows
  • We now clean the sills and frames
  • No invasion of privacy and disturbing people
  • Windows are cleaner and stay cleaner for longer

As with all our work, we can offer a comprehensive set of risk assessment and method statements for any work we carry out for your peace of mind.