The number one question, are you reliable?
We operate to the utmost standard of reliability and integrity to provide you with a service that you are happy with. We are honest and always work to the best of our ability to provide the customer with an affordable specialist service. Try any of our services and you will wonder why you hadn’t earlier.
Do you charge for an onsite quotation?
We offer a completely free “no obligation” quote. We can visit your home or site and discuss the way we operate and the method we think is best to clean your item or property & you can also let us know any items you feel require extra attention.


How much does it cost for domestic cleaning?

Services can range in price, whether it is regular cleaning or one off cleans. We offer one-off cleans for a fixe price after an initial appraisal and £12 – £14 per hour for regular cleans. Please be aware though that these are estimates, your quote could be significantly lower of higher. We can easily visit your property and provide a full written break down on costs.

Is there a contract?
There is no contract for our services, we allow you to choose when we start and when we stop. We do require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations and if this isn’t provided we charge a discretionary 25% of the overall cost. If 24 hour notice cannot be provided due to unforeseen circumstances, we do take this into account and are understanding, therefore the 25% charge is wavered the majority of the time.
Can we trust the cleaners?
All our cleaners are vetted intensively. We perform CRB checks, background checks, and ensure they are reliable and trustworthy as well as maintaining a high standard of work. We visit all our cleaners in their homes to make a general assessment and introduce them to you personally before they begin cleaning. If you are ever unhappy with the service or the cleaner, we can make arrangement to amend things or replace your cleaner. Your trust is our number one priority.
What if our regular cleaner cannot make it?
If your regular cleaner cannot make it for a specific reason, we contact you and let you decide if you would like another cleaner to attend. When we choose our cleaners, we hire the most reliable and trustworthy personnel possible to reduce this risk.
What happens if the cleaner breaks something?

If one of our cleaners breaks something, we repair or replace the item. Our cleaners are covered by liability insurance of £5 million to be used in extreme circumstances.

Do we have to be there when the cleaner attends?
We offer a key holding service, which goes without saying, is done with the utmost security and discretion. If you are not comfortable with this service, we can arrange cleaners to attend when you are home.


Are you trained?
We are trained in both carpet and upholstery cleaning and hard floor cleaning and update our training regularly to keep up to date.
What can you clean?
We can clean a vast range of fibres found in carpets and upholstery. The key is identification and then you can make a decision on the cleaning solution and method used. We can also clean a range of hard surfaces, such as marble, travertine, wood, vinyl, sandstone etc.
How often should my carpets or upholstery be cleaned?
This depends on many factors. The amount of traffic on the carpet, the use of the carpet (hall, bedroom, reception room), or whether the carpet is somewhere children or pets play all affect how often the carpet needs to be cleaned. We would recommend every 3 – 6 months however it would only take our technician a couple of minutes to assess whether your carpet is in need of a clean.
Does carpet & upholstery get dirtier quicker after cleaning?
If they aren’t cleaned correctly, yes they will. The reason for this is the left over residues from the cleaning chemicals. These attract dirt which bonds with the residues leaving your carpet looking dirty. The advanced cleaning solutions we use continue to break down even after cleaning and added to that, unlike many other carpet cleaners, we flush the carpet with fresh water only. Many other companies add chemicals to their flush tank, thus leaving behind more residues.
How long does it take to dry?
We use a powerful triple flow vacuum that enables us to remove a large percentage of cleaning chemical and dirt. It is likely that carpets will dry completely within two hours, many are dry when we leave your home allowing you to make use of the relevant rooms. We can enhance drying time with an air mover and this can reduce drying times to 1 hour, please ask when booking. Additionally, we leave an after care sheet that shows you how to aid drying times by increasing air flow.
Are the carpet & upholstery cleaning solutions you use safe?
All our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, child and pet safe.
How much does it cost for carpet and upholstery cleaning?
Again this depends on the condition of the carpet, the size of the carpet, the age of the carpet, and staining on the carpet. We can provide you with a complete cost breakdown when we visit your home for a no obligation quote. We do not use pressure tactics and are always honest about the service that you need.
Do you move furniture?
We are able to move furniture if you require us to. You can help us with this by emptying cupboards and drawers and by lifting small items off the floor.
What are those shiny things you put underneath the furniture?
These are called furniture protectors. We do this so there is no dyeing of the carpet from metals and woods from furniture. You can remove these after the carpet is completely dry.
What method of carpet and upholstery cleaning do you use?
We use the most powerful cleaning method called hot water extraction. Combined with our specialist cleaning solutions, this ensures the most thorough clean. We can offer other methods such as low moisture and/or dry cleaning but again this will depend on the carpet type.
Do you clean curtains?
Yes we do. We can deep clean curtains using minimal moisture and an eco friendly chemical.
Are you insured?
We are fully insured up to £5 million and for treatment risk to the item we are working on. Details can be provided on request.


Do we need to supply power and water?
No. We are completely mobile. We can set up anywhere and begin cleaning.
What areas do you cover?
We cover the whole Greater Manchester area, North West and the whole the UK for larger commercial contracts.
Do you seal brickwork and floors after pressure washing?
Due to the poor products currently on the market, we do not offer to seal after cleaning. We can recommend a product but due to the high cost and poor results, we can not offer this service unfortunately as we are never satisfied.
Can you pressure wash / clean anything?
Most items can be pressure cleaned by controlling the pressure and adding cleaning solution if it is a delicate surface. We can discuss any reservations you may have.
Do you leave a mess after pressure washing?
When we have completed every job, we wash downs walls and windows and ensure that waste water has drained away and rubbish is collected. This is all part of the service.
Can all graffiti be removed?
The removal of graffiti is often dependant on the surface it has been applied to and what with. We have a range of cleaning solutions and steam to attempt to remove graffiti and we can apply a anti-graffiti coat to make future removal much easier.
Is reverse graffiti illegal?
Reverse graffiti, also known as clean advertising is not illegal. Many blue chip companies use it as a way to advertise, it is very eye catching and often unique in many areas.