Absolute Clean will remove moss, lichen, algae and atmospheric pollution from a range of roofs substrates, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, and canopy roofs. We specialize in both domestic and commercial roofs visually improving your home or business but more importantly prolonging the life of your roof.

In the UK we suffer (unfortunately) from very wet and cool seasons which is perfect for organic matter to grow, this is predominantly seen on older concrete tiles as the roots have a surface they can penetrate. It is often the case that some roofs suffer from pigeon fouling which is extremely damaging to any surface due to its acidity, it is recommend in this situation that it be cleaned immediately and preventative measures put in place.

Regular maintenance of your roof is not only important for visual reasons but to prolong its life, although moss and algae don’t directly damage the roof tile, they do create quicker degradation of the roof itself as they absorb moisture which can penetrate to the undersurface.

Additionally excessive moss growth on roofs will eventually lead to overflowing gutters from blockages (this will lead to internal dampness), as part of your roof cleaning schedule we ensure all gutters are clear and run freely before we carry out work and before we leave.

Roof Cleaning in Manchester
Roof Cleaning in Manchester


  • We start by scraping the roofs, removing as much bulky moss as possibly, we also ensure gutters are free and will not become blocked.
  • Treating the surface with an appropriate cleaning solution or biocide prior to cleaning. This will kill and loosen organic material and start breaking down pollutants. We do this via a process called soft washing, as the name suggests it involves no high pressure and is incredibly safe for roof cleaning.
  • We then clean the roof using low-pressure steam, again preventing damage to the surface but removing all visible staining.
  • Finally we apply biocide once again to prevent spores growing and prolonging the life of your clean roof.
Roof Cleaning in Manchester
Roof Cleaning in Manchester


People are generally advised not to pressure wash roofs because of the damage it can cause, it takes years of experience to understand what level of pressure and heat can be used safely on a roof tile without causing damage or water ingress, this is where we come in to our own.

As with all our work we take health and safety as a priority, especially when working at height. We rarely use ladders where possible and prefer safer means such as access hire or scaffold tower in which we hold accreditations to operate such as IPAF and PASMA. Additionally we always work in teams and use fall arrest systems on all jobs.
If someone isn’t doing this then do not let him or her on to your roof!

For commercial clients we can supply relevant RAMS and all our aspects of our work we hold the correct insurance.