NHS COVID-19 Cleaning

We are all fighting a major battle at the moment to stop the spread of COVID-19. Here at Absolute Clean we have been working tirelessly alongside the NHS cleaning one of their main offices and the COVID-19 assessment centre.

A complete deep clean, sanitation and disinfection to both buildings and ongoing maintenance to keep the staff and visitors safe when they are in work on the frontline saving lives.

We sanitise and disinfect all areas daily to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in addition we fog an antiviral and antibacterial solution on a weekly basis to complete cover all areas, walls and crevices that are hard to reach for cleaning.

Weekly testing on the building have provided us with the knowledge that our cleaning and sanitation efforts have made a real difference and allows people to work safely.

For any ongoing maintenance, 24hr reactive service, internal and external disinfection and sanitation please do not hesitate in calling.