Render Cleaning / K Rend Cleaning

During 2018 we completed many render cleans from domestic properties to schools. We offer a completely safe method to restoring your tired looking render that is often covered with organic growth such as green and red algae.

Our safe softwash system involves applying a biocide via water fed pole to the render to kill algae and organic growth, we then finish the clean via a low pressure steam clean or jet wash. Both these methods are completely safe for the render and do not cause any damage.

Additionally the biocide treatment via water-fed pole provides a longer lasting residual clean by killing any remaining organic spores that could then grow again to discolour your render giving you the optimum render clean.

Below is an attempt by an inexperienced contractor at jet washing the render, potentially causing damage and not offering the correct render clean. Fortunately we have the knowledge and equipment to offer a safer and better clean and managed to salvage the poor work they had carried out.

We can carry out render cleaning on most domestic properties from the groundand even most commercial properties as our poles can go up to 40 ft. Anything larger and we can take care of arranging suitable access to complete the clean.